Above all


Above all, he is a good man.

Above board

সংশয়হীনভাবে নির্দোষ

His activities are open and above board

Achilles’ heel


Hankering for votes is the Achilles’ heel of the leaders of our country

All but


The poor villagers are all but ruined

Apple of discord

বিবাদের বিষয়

The land has become an apple of discord between the two brothers

At a loss

হতবুদ্ধি, কিংকর্তব্যবিমূঢ়

I am now at a loss and don’t know the solution.

At all events

যাই ঘটুকনা কেন

I shall stand by him at all events

At bay


The tiger was at bay in the bush

At one’s finger ends


All these facts are his fingers ends.

At  daggers drawn


The two children are at daggers drawn now.

At one’s wit ‘s end


He was at his wit’s end and did not know what to do.

At stake

বিপদে পড়া

His life is at a stake now.

Bad blood


Now there is a bad blood between the two sisters.

Beat about the bush

কাজের কথা না বলে আজেবাজে কথা বলা

Please come to the point without beating about the bush

Birds of feather

একরকম স্বভাবের লোক

Birds of feather flock together

Black sheep


He is a black sheep for the family.

By all means


Try to complete it by all means

By fits and starts


He works by fits and starts

By hook or by crook


You must do this work by hook or by crook

By leaps and bounds

অতি দ্রুত গতিতে

The population of Bangladesh is increasing by leaps and bounds

Bid fair

ভালো কিছু আশা করা

He bids fair to be a good doctor

Big gun

নেতৃস্থানীয় ব্যক্তি

The man behind the police is a big gun of our locality

Bird’s eye view


He took a bird’s eye view of the flood-stricken are from an airplane

Bone of connection

বিবাদের বিষয়

The paternal property is the bone of contention among the family members.

Book worm


Don’t be a book worm.

Bring to book

শাস্তি দেওয়া

The students should be bring to book for their misconduct

Build castle in the air

আকাশ কুসুম রচনা করা

Don’t waste your time in building castle in the air

Breathe one’s last

মারা যাওয়া

The old man breathes his last on Sunday last.

Call to mind

স্মরণ করা

I cannot call to mind your cell number

Call in question

সন্দেহ করা

No one can call his honesty in question

Carry the day

জয়লাভ করা

The boys carried the day  in the debate competition

Chip of the old block

বাপকা বেটা

Mr. Mukherjee is the chip of the old block

Crying need


Mass education is a crying need for India

Crocodile tears


He shed crocodile tears at our misery

Cock and bull story

আষাঢ়ে গল্প

You must be ashamed of your cock and bull story

Cut a sorry figure

খারাপ ফল করা

He cuts a sorry figure in the examination

Cut to the quick

মর্মাহত হওয়া

I was cut to the  quick by his birds







Dead against

তীব্র বিরোধী

I am dead  against his proposal

Dead language

যে ভাষা এখন আর কথ্য নয়

Sanskrit is a rich language, but it is now a dead language.

Dead of night


The robbers broke into the house at head of night

Die in harness

কর্মরত অবস্থায় মারা যাওয়া

Dr. Sen died in harness

Do yeoman’s service

বিশেষ উপকার করা

 Freedom fighters have done yeoman’s service for country.

End in smoke

ব্যর্থ হওয়া

All his plans ended in smoke.

Fall flat

ফলপ্রসূ না হওয়া

My advice feels flat on him.

Fight shy

এড়িয়ে চলা

Why do you fight shy of your teacher?

Fish out of water

অস্বস্তিকর অবস্থা

When he came to the village , he felt like fish out of water

Fish in a troubled water

এলোমেলো অবস্থার সুযোগ নেয়া

He made a lot of money by fishing in a troubled water

Far and wide


His fame spread far and wide

Flesh and blood

রক্তমাংসের শরীর

Flesh and blood cannot bear with these such insults

For good

চিরদিনের জন্য

He left the house for good

From hand to mouth

দিন আনে দিন খায়

The poor man live from  hand to mouth






Gala day

বিশেষ দিন

The Eid –Ul-Fitr is a gala day for Muslims.

Get rid of

মুক্তি পাওয়া

Try to get rid of the rogue.

Gift of the gab


An advocate should have the gift of the gab.

Hard nut to crack

কঠিন সমস্যা

The problem of adult education is really hard nut to crack

Head and ears


He is over head and ears in debt

Hold water

ধোপে টেকা

This policy will not hold water in this situation.

Hue and cry


The villagers raised a hue and cry to see the thief

Hush money


He offered a hush money to disclose the file.

In a fix

মুশকিলে পতিত হওয়া

The man is in a fix with his new hairstyle.

In full swing


The school is in full swing after the vacation

In lieu of


Give me this pen in lieu of that

In cold blood

ঠান্ডা মাথায়

They committed this murder in cold blood

In no time


He will finish the work in no time

Ins and out


I know ins and outs of this file

In vogue


This custom is not in vogue at present

In  a nutshell


Tell the whole story in a nutshell

In one’s teens

তের থেকে উনিশ বছর বয়সের মাঝে

She is yet in her teens

In the long run


You will have to suffer in the long run

Irony  of fate

ভাগ্যের পরিহাস

He could not succeed by irony of fate.






Kith and kin

নিকট আত্মীয়

He has no relation with his kith and kin

Lion’s share

বড় মাপের অংশ

He took the lion’s share of the profit

Lame excuse

বাজে ওজর

The lame excuse will not do.

Maiden speech

প্রথম বক্তৃতা

His maiden speech fell flat on the audience

Man of letters

পন্ডিত ব্যক্তি

You are truly a man of letters

Man of straw


We do not care for a man of straw like you.

Make both ends meet

আয় ব্যয় মেলানো

I cannot make both ends meet with my small income

Moot point

অমীমাংসিত বিষয়

Dowry system is still a moot point in Bangladesh.






Nip in the bud

অঙ্কুরে বিনষ্ট হওয়া

All his hopes were nipped in the bud.

Null and void


The deed has been null and void now.

Now and then

মাঝে মাঝে

He comes here now and then

Of course


Of course, you know what that meant.

On the contrary

বিপরীত পক্ষে

I do not hate him; on the contrary I love him.

On the wane


His fame is on the wane now.

On the whole

মোটের ওপর

On the whole, his conduct is good

Out of date


This fashion is out of date

Out of sorts

সামান্য অসুস্থ

The baby is out of sorts after playing.

Out of order


the radio has become an out of order

Out of temper


The teacher is out temper to see the overall results.

Part and parcel

অবিচ্ছেদ্য অংশ

Education is part and parcel to build a civilized nation.

Pros and cons


You should consider the pros and cons of the system






Rank and file

সাধারণ লোক

We should pay attention to the rank and file of the country

Red letter day

স্মরয় দিন

The 16th December is a red letter day for us.

Round the clock

সমস্ত দিন

He is working round the clock

Set free

মুক্ত করা

The prisoners were set free

Slow coach


You cannot expect much from a slow coach.

Slip of the pen

লেখায় অসতর্কতাবশত সামান্য ভুল

The mistake is due to a slip of the pen.

Slip of the tongue

বলায় সামান্য ভুল

This is a slip of the tongue; don’t lay much stress on it.

Square meal

পেট ভরা আহার

He is too poor to have a square meal everyday

Stone’s throw

অতি নিকটে

Our school is at a stone’s throw from our house

Tooth and nail


He fought tooth and nail for the sake of country

To the backbone

হাড়ে হাড়ে

I know this boy to the backbone






Ups  and downs

উত্থান পতন

There are ups and downs in a man’s life.

Up and doing


Be up and doing and  then you will be  succeed in your life

White elephant

অত্যন্ত ব্যয়সাপেক্ষ বিলাসিতা

At last the department proved to be a white elephant

Weal and woe


Human life is full of weal and woe.

Widow’s mite

দরিদ্রের ক্ষুদ্র দান

A windows mite is no less important than a large contribution of a rich man.


A Unit 2001-02

24.  He raised his eyebrow at my explanation.

A. show surprise or disapproval

B. show agreement

C. show happiness

D. show indifference

25.  In July, he decided to turn over a new leaf and work much harder.

A. get ready for the rainy season

B. change his address

C. to begin a new course of improved behavior,

habit, etc.

D. plant new trees.